Some interesting photography sites.

    Ginny Wilson a long time friend, former student and at one time a night photography teacher at P.C. Highly successful professional photographer. Gorgeous florals, nature, travel and landscape. Try to make one of her weekend out door shows. You will want her work on your walls. Enjoy.

    Dennis Griffin. We shared the Great Crusade in Viet Nam. He’s a long time photographer friend that I have shared many a photo trip and some great bottles of wine. We often have photographed the same subjects and places together. A lot of fun in our rivalry to get that great shot. Check out his site and see how differently we work.

    He just won another “Best of Show” down in Thousand Oaks. 




    Steve is a Former member of Corridor 2122 Gallery in Fresno. In my estimation one of Americas premiere photographers. One of those big 8x10 negative “Fine Art Black and White” guys. His images will blow you away. See his work at Spectrum Gallery in Fresno.

    Mike is one of those photographers that  works the Great Epic Landscape. The “right place, at the right time, with the right equipment, and the right attitude”... he knows the places and the times to be on site. Impressive!

    Look for him at outdoor art fairs in the Valley, and check out his book on

    Chris was another of us lucky enough to be drafted, eventually showing up at Officer Candidate School at Fort Sill Oklahoma. He used to lead us in little anti-war marching songs... they never knew.  I think he’s the only one that spent more time on The Hill than I did.

    Take a look. He’s the real deal professional N.Y. photographer. Be sure to complete the “photo-bio”.

Another former student... You are not going to believe this! One of the best sites around.

Thank You Diane for your address.


Photography by Diane Varner

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Medina, a former student, after Paris

she is now in Africa... a Fast Rising Star.

Her creativity has no boundaries!

Go both to her site, and her Blog:

Medina Dugger