Enlargements Figure Drawings

Student Model, 20 minutes. White and dark pencil

on gray paper, 18x24 c 1998.

Rebbeca, White pencil on black paper, 18x24, c1994.

The Wedding Dress, White and color pencil on color paper, 18x24, 1996.

Lacy, 20 minutes, white pencil on gray paper, 18x24, 2000.  

Meredith, White and graphite pencil on color paper, 18x20, 1994

The Zipper, Color pencil on color paper, 18x24, 1995.

Julies Dress, white pencil on dark blue paper. 18x24, 2007

Jamie, Charcoal study, 20 minutes. 18x24, 1998

Pockets. 20 minutes. Light & dark pencils, 18x24, 1996

Meredith, 20 minutes. Color pencil, 18x24, 1997.

Edges, 20 minutes. Color pencil, 18x24 1996.

Meredith, 20 minutes. White pencil, 18x24, 1994.

Marta, 20 minutes. Graphite, 18x24, 1999.

Stephanie’s Pearls. White and dark pencils, 18x24, 1997.

    All of these drawing enlargements were done from life. Copying photos is a no brainer... anyone can do that. I like the tension and fear of failure, the challenge, excitement of Creating by your own hands, the immediacy of it... It is the basic difference between scholarship and fine art. Scholars use a tapestry of others work to gain transient  recognition, fame, and honor,... among themselves.  While as an Artist drawing from life, Originality is in your control, the result is all yours,... here, now and forever... and everybody is watching. There are no footnotes.


Back Light... Gods little gift to those who draw...

Lace, White pencil on black paper, 18x24, 1996.

Student Model, 20 min. sketch, White pencil on color paper. 2001