More than toys, or “museum miniatures”, these represent a fascination with the history of flight.

1/72 scale models made for the Tulare County Museum.

The aspen in Colorado.

Morro Bay, winter.

Antelope Canyon

Death Valley

Acrylic paintings.  2x4’ panels.

Some places I would refer to as musts in the life of a photographer. But there are so many...

Some old and new “example drawings” for class.. I’m still looking for an egg...

The Arno, Florence, late afternoon in January.

On this page I’ve placed some misc. stuff, other paintings, photography, and drawings. Also a couple of examples of 1/72 scale models and the display at the Tulare County Museum... a very cool place.

   Drawing on site, (when you can make the time, and with your own tools), is one of the great pleasurable parts of travel... Yes, when I would disappear for awhile on our trips this is what I was doing.

Drawings of Florence.

Additional Works